> Skiing Lost Trail


The weekend before Thanksgiving I went to a neat unpretentious ski place in the Bitterroot Mountains to the south, called "Lost Trail: Powder Mountain," off a tip from some folks at the ski shop. That weekend only two places were open (the other was over by where I took that bike trip from the other photo album, Lookout Mountain). What terrific luck! The lodge is rough and a crowded mess with people clomping all over, total nostalgia from skiing at places that don't assume everyone is filthy rich. Locals tell me last year there was so little snow, Lost Trail was the only place that could even stay open. Reminds me of Alyeska in Alaska in the late 1970s, long before anyone even thought of putting in a tram. Only thing different was I didn't see anyone skiing in Carhart coveralls like they used to in Alaska.

It turned out to be a stunning day, and I had so much fun I'm going back here the Sunday after Thanksgiving, rather than the closer Snowbowl, which is only open at the very top and still doesn't have much snow. But Lost Trail got a bunch of new snow the last few nights, so it should be great. I'm hoping the back mountain lifts open up too.