> First Take on Missoula


I know I've been bad with posting news of my trip and arrival in Missoula, but here are some photos of the stunning scenery I've been looking at since I got to Big Sky Country.

I've been busy with the start of school and building blogs like mad, but I did find time this Labor Day to take the dog out to the Rattlesnake Wilderness Area and climb a ways up Blue Mountain on some horse trails. I was out there just at Home on the Range, or something like that. Not too high, but it did give me a nice view of the Missoula valley, which was once a massive inland lake larger than any of the Great Lakes, kept in place by a glacial dam during the Ice Age. Neat, huh? When the glacial dam busted through, it sent a 500-foot wall of water all the way to the Pacific, or so they tell me (I'm from Alaska, where we always try to BS the new people in town).

On some of the mountains around town, you can see past shorelines of the lake, but sorry, not visible from any of these pictures. If you see a flash of water in some of the shots, that's the Bitterroot River, which runs into the Bitterroot Mountains, which I hear are big and gorgeous. That will be my next destination!

We also have a confirmed Lewis and Clark campsite here (confirmed because of the chemical content found in the latrine, heh), with bicentennial events running Sept 8-11, which was the exact time that Lewis and Clark slept here and used their latrine, 1805. Woo woo.