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June 26, 2005

Making America safe for rich white girls

From the TV Newser blog (I didn't feel like wading into that flamefest at GOP Vixen)

Link: mediabistro: TVNewser.

"You Are Making America Safe For White Rich Girls. Pat Yourselves On The Back"

On the GOP Vixen blog: "Okay FOX, you win. It worked. I won't kidnap any young, blonde, blue-eyed, upper class, teenage, all-American girls. Your round the clock mega-hyped coverage of this tragic but nonetheless non-story is working. It's a brilliant deterrent. Who in their right mind would think suffering through incessant, overblown, 24/7, E! True Suburb Tragedy was worth it? You are making America safe for white rich girls. Pat yourselves on the back."

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Who can think about Iraq with Natalee going on?

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