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April 03, 2005

Something I missed: Herald Sun: Last Fatima witness dies

Link: Herald Sun: Last Fatima witness dies (archived).

Last Fatima witness dies

From correspondents in Lisbon

February 14, 2005

LUCIA de Jesus dos Santos, the last survivor of three children to whom the Virgin Mary is said to have appeared at Fatima in central Portugal, has died, aged 97.

Her death at a convent in Coimbra, central Portugal, was reported by the Lusa news agency today.

She has been described as one of the women to have most influenced Catholicism in the 20th century.

The apparitions made Fatima one of Catholicism's most revered sites.

And here is the report on her funeral and connection with the Pope.

Pope Had Special Bond With Fatima Visionary

Link: Fatima Prophecies.

February 15, 2005

John Paul II expressed gratitude for the support he felt he always received from Sister Lucia's prayers, especially in moments of suffering, reports.

The pope expressed his gratitude in a message read by his special envoy, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, at the end of the funeral for the Fatima visionary, held Tuesday in the cathedral of Coimbra, Portugal.

The multitude that filled the cathedral and its surroundings responded with prolonged applause to the Holy Father's message.

Tens of thousands of people had arrived from all over Portugal and from other countries to bid farewell to Sister Lucia and to participate in the funeral for the Carmelite nun. She died last Sunday at age 97.

Most of the faithful had to follow the ceremony from the square and adjacent streets, reported the Italian newspaper Avvenire.

Waving white handkerchiefs, they bid Sister Maria Lucia of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart farewell as her coffin passed by from the church to her burial in the Carmelite convent where she lived for 57 years and where she died. In one year, her remains will be taken to the shrine of Fatima.

The funeral was presided over by Cardinal Bertone, archbishop of Genoa, who on several occasions had met with Sister Lucia, the last time in 2003, when the Carmelite gave him her walking stick so that he could give it to John Paul II.

The pope entrusted to Cardinal Bertone a message, addressed to Bishop Albino Cleto of Coimbra, in which he expressed his "profound emotion" over Sister Lucia's death and expressed his "last farewell to this humble and devout Carmelite."

"The visit of the Virgin Mary, which little Lucia received in Fatima together with her cousins Francisco and Jacinta in 1917, was for her the beginning of a singular mission to which she remained faithful until the end of her days. Sister Lucia leaves us an example of great fidelity to the Lord and of joyful adherence to his divine will," wrote the Holy Father.

"I remember with emotion the various meetings I had with her and the bonds of spiritual friendship that, with the passing of time, were intensified," he stated.

"I have always felt supported by the daily gift of her prayer, especially in the harsh moments of trial and suffering. May the Lord reward her amply for the great and hidden service she has done to the Church," the pope added.

John Paul II met with the Carmelite nun on three occasions: on May 13, 1982, and on the same day in 1991 and 2000, the Vatican Information Service recalled.

The first meeting took place exactly one year after the 1981 assassination attempt against the pope in St. Peter's Square. On that occasion in 1982, the Holy Father went to Fatima to thank the Blessed Virgin for saving his life.

He desired that one of the bullets used in the attack be set in the crown of the statue of Our Lady of Fatima, as a sign of gratitude.

The second meeting, in 1991, took place on the 10th anniversary of the attack. The last time that the Holy Father and Sister Lucia met personally was on May 13, 2000.

On that day, the pope beatified the two other visionaries, the little shepherds Jacinta and Francisco, and Cardinal Angelo Sodano, Vatican secretary of state, read the text relative to the third secret of Fatima.

On the eve of Sister Lucia's death, the pope had sent a fax to her in which he expressed his closeness and assured her of his prayers so that she would be able "to live this moment of pain, suffering and offering with the spirit of Easter, of the passing."


A nephew of the nun, Salesian Father Jose dos Santos Valinho, said his aunt "prayed until the last moment for the pope and his health," and "when John Paul II sent her a fax message of gratitude" for her prayers, during his recent hospitalization, she wished to hold those sheets of paper.

Even though she was almost blind, she said to her sisters in the community: "'Let me read, it's the pope who is writing me,'" recalled her nephew.

The priest was invited by the Carmelites of Coimbra to preside in the convent at the first Mass for the repose of his aunt's soul.

"When the prioress of the convent would give [Sister Lucia] a message, a communication from the pope, for her it was always a great emotional moment," the priest told Avvenire.

"What was most impressive was the arrival of the last message," he added. "In those dying moments it was as if all of a sudden she recovered her lost strength and her little eyes were illuminated."

And finally, I found this site, which claims to have Lucia's last words. In light of the Pope's death just over a month from the Nun's death, I'm just struck by the similarity between the proximity of the deaths of Princess Diana and Mother Teresa.

But more than that, the Pope regarded the Lady of Fatima as his personal protector, since the early 80s. If she left to take Lucia home, did he feel less strong, less protected?

Interestingly enough, they both died of complications of the flu, the same one that's going around.

People are getting it even if they managed to get a flu shot this year. It starts as a sore throat, but then the virus runs all through your body, leaving you open to infections, rapidly falling blood pressure, fever and extreme cold. It'll knock even a healthy person out for a good two weeks, and a co-worker even had to go to the emergency room when the falling blood pressure made him pass out.

BTW, the two little shepherds who were with Lucia for the visions in the early 1900s also died of the flu, when they were still children.

Link: Lucia's Last Words.


By Richard Salbato

Sister Lucy of Fatima died on February 13, 2005 at 97 years of age.  Doctor Branca, a gifted doctor and painter, was at her bedside taking her pulse, and felt her last heart beat. Lucia did not die of any sickness other than a flu that was going around all of Portugal, and most of the nuns in Coimbra had it.  Lucia just died of old age and the flu was more than the old body could take. 

I went to the funeral at the Basilica (flying in from Brazil) and then the following Saturday I was invited to a farewell Mass for Lucia, where I talked with the nuns and Doctor Branca.  At the Mass they passed out for the first time, the last words of Lucia, I assume recorded by the Doctor or Mother Superior at her bedside.   The cards were made quickly just for this farewell Mass, but in the future they will be a mainstay of gifts to anyone visiting the convent.  I knew what the words were In Portuguese, but just to be sure I had a nun translate them into English for me.  My translation was the same and it was evident something very supernatural happened at her death.  I asked some questions and the best I can write (waiting an official report) is this.

Lucia was not going to last long, according to her doctor, as her will to live was gone, and her breathing difficult, so doctor Branca could do nothing except wait for the end.  Then suddenly Lucia moved her head from the right to the left and back again as if wanting to see all in front of her.  She was seeing something and more than one thing.

"For the Holy Father! ... Our Lady, Our Lady, Holy Angels, Heart of Jesus, Heart of Jesus! We are going, we are going.

"Where?" asked Mother Celina

"To Heaven..."

"With whom?" asked Mother Celina

With Our Lord ... Our Lady ... and the little Shepherds."

And she breathed her last. 

It is evident that Lucia was seeing Our Lady, Jesus, Angels, and Jacinta and Francisco, who had come to take her to Heaven, and finally in audible words she said, let "US" go, and not let me go, for she knew they would go up to Heaven together, as they had come down to take her with them.  Jacinta and Francisco had felt sorry for Lucia when they learned that Lucia would not go to Heaven with them right away, but promised to pray for her from Heaven.  Lucia complained that she would be alone without her two little shepherds with her, but Our Lady promised to be with her always to comfort her.  Now her two little friends had come with the Heavenly Host to get her and take her with them to Heaven. Amen.

Earlier Sister Lucia had said, and I wrote, that the story of Fatima is only half done, and so if we think of a 1000 page book on Fatima, this is only page 500 that has turned, and the rest should be very exciting to say the least.  Today the Holy Father is back again in the hospital with a hole in his neck to breathe.  How long he lasts is anyone's guess.  But for the Portuguese people, they have said for years that the world is held up with two hands, the Holy Father's and Lucia's.  When they are both gone, heaven help us.  This is the feeling of the Portuguese, and it may be a self-fulfilling prophesy. 


Beware when taking this link, as there is nasty anti-abortion and other homophobic drivel mixed in with the interesting stuff. In roaming around today, I hit a few of those sites, claiming heresy for this thing or that thing, making this Cardinal Ratzinger look like Maury Milquetoast.

For all the folks who found this Pope's positions on women priests and gays abhorrent and were willing to condemn the man for it rather than looking at all the other things he did, geez, look at some of these hardcore hothouse nutjobs. I hit some fringe priest site that was claiming John Paul II was the antichrist.

Link: Has Rome Become the Seat of the Antichrist?.

I went digging around to try to find their reasons, and amid all the footnotes and legalistic Vatican blather, I find out that they believe Vatican II to be the grounds of all heresy, of which, any sign of ecumenicism from the Pope merely reinforced.

The horrors they breathlessly announced! He spoke to Muslims! He talked to Hindus and didn't try to convert them on the spot or vanish into a puddle of jello just to be in the presence of their idolatrous beliefs! And ooh, it gets worse! He talked to Jews! Religion after religion, signs of world cultures and mythologies and belief systems, to these nutjobs, a sign of heresy. One should fall over in a dead faint in the presence of a representation of any other religion, esp. those savage heathens who don't have the great benefit of being white and European.

It is part of the infallibility of previous Popes. If Galileo was excommunicated, he must STAY excommunicated for all time, whether the Earth revolves around the Sun or not! To even CONSIDER talking to Lutherans, to talk about the value of the contribution of Martin Luther, THIS is a sign of the antichrist.

I know this Pope slipped up big time on the issue of priests sexually abusing children. But if these racist fucks, these Catholic versions of far right fringe nutjobs, take control at the Vatican, feminists are going to WISH they still had John Paul II around to have civil little arguments about women priests. These wack jobs would probably take such a heretical suggestion as a sign of witchcraft and start gathering wood for a fire.

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I had an experience in 1990. I wrote the experience down in words that could be understood. I was taken in a whirlwind by Him (Higher being who i believe was what we call God, or whatever name you wish to place on him.
I've hidden the written words because I never could fully understand my journey of my life and its minimul effects in history. I went to a recent meeting in Henderson, Nevada to re-establish the courts for and of the People under God. today as it is well known the corporate structure has no concerns for and of life as it took billions of years to establish according to what we describe as billions of years.
The simple understanding and the mustard seed mentioned over and over is that women and the suffering thereof is forever kept out of the Patriarchal forms of government that have surely been unsuccessful in curtailing their lusts for power, positions, and controls. The flagrant disregard of who, whered and why they plant their seed and the un-accountability of their actions continues to cause wars, hunger, strife and crimes against the innocent. Atom bombs are controlled by governemtns to which patriarchal governments continue to have no responsibility towards the living or the dead but do punish the women that may or may not try to stop this deliberate genecide of sons and daughters that are forcefully used by governments for the system of wars. When i read the message of Fatima I now understood the reason for my life and my arrests, and the speaking out of concerns. Women must stop the donations of their children for the purposes of war. All life will depend on the recognition and respect of women to do what it must to control the madness of aggression that is in every male as an instict.
:Grace: Lester.(c)
P.O. 106
Yucaipa, 92399

Posted by: Grace Lester | May 17, 2005 7:06:14 PM

>>All life will depend on the recognition and respect of women to do what it must to control the madness of aggression that is in every male as an instict.

this is really an interesting thought the variations of which have been floating around in my mind and no doubt the minds of many other women. God created man and woman and it just appears to me, after raising a boy and a girl who were totally different despite all efforts during the women's lib years, that with the two genders in equal power there is balance, checks and balances, peace and order.

Anyone, it seems to me, who thinks that women should submit to men any more than men should submit to women is messing with perfection: the perfect balancing effects of and on the two sides of the human being.

On the issue of war: yeah, balancing with a deference to men because it's bad men who threaten us and only men understand the language of men (and women, women). What does God want us to do when our lives and the lives of our helpless innocent children are threatened?

Posted by: Laura | Jan 7, 2009 8:44:40 PM

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