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April 02, 2005

Looking at Pope John Paul II's astrological chart


To the professional astrologers out there, forgive me, as I am just a dabbler, but in meditating today on the Pope's death, I went digging around and found his natal chart, and also looked up some of his planetary aspects for the time before and just after his passing.

Most of this is just stream of conscious rambling about what I see in those charts and aspects. I should note that I got all my data from a personal account at the excellent Astrodienst site at Times are set to Italy time.

Difficult aspects that could push a sick body over to the other side... anything with Mars, like the opposition to Neptune. The Moon square Mars.

Mars Opposition Neptune exact at 05:47 activity period from 31 March 2005 to 3 April 2005.
Moon Square Mars, exact at 19:48

However, note the Mars Sextile Chiron, exact at 13:03.

VERY interesting. Chiron is an asteroid linked to healing, like the Greek Centaur who trained Hercules. A warrior-healer, see? And sextile is a positive aspect, yet Mars is also a warrior. This is a guy who has fought a good fight, but all those wonderful Moon trines, esp the one with his Med Coeli (directly overhead, career and public calling) say emotionally, he has done all that could possibly be expected of him, and it is time for some well-earned rest. Long term Chiron Trine Moon also says this has been coming on for a while, a larger healing (one book I read calls one sector of life on the other side a "healing room" to recover from our time on Earth).

Mercury Trine Med.Coeli, exact at 21:48
Moon Trine Venus, exact at 07:01
Moon Trine Mercury, exact at 13:15
Moon Last quarter, exact at 02:50
Chiron Trine Moon long-term influence

In the natal chart (seen in the graphic above) there is a portrait of his personality that I find to be pretty uncanny, esp the contrast of Taurus (stable, grounded, stubborn) and Gemini (intellectual, traveling, teaching, communicating).

Note the cluster of planets directly at the top of the circle. The piece of the pie numbered 10 is where we discover if a person is a public figure or could become famous. Saturn is in the 10th house, which tends to say he won't be famous (Saturn being a very difficult influence to carry in that spot... it indicates heavy adversity to be overcome... sound about right?). Saturn is also an indicator of many of the trials and burdens of both his early life under Nazis and Soviets, and later years, struggling with Parkinsons.

But JUPITER is in the 10th House with Saturn. Wow. That means two almost contradictory influences in his public personality. Jupiter in the 10th House nearly ALWAYS conveys a person with a high public profile that seems to come almost effortlessly.

Saturn (the Titan Chronos, the fickle finger of fate) in the 10th adds to that a sense of destiny that he would have carried his entire life, along with those heavy burdens. But Jupiter would have made it seem like, even with the burdens, some things that made him famous just inexplicably fell in his lap. And he would have earned and deserved them, because Saturn makes certain of that. But coming out of nowhere, he would suddenly appear on the world stage and BE perfectly qualified, tempered in the kind of fire we read about in the book of James.

Isn't that just freaky? Oh, and Jupiter is in LEO, while Saturn is in Virgo, a hard-working, idealistic perfectionist. Leo, ruled by the Sun. Virgo, a life devoted to service and work. Like the Malachy prophecy, the LABORS OF THE SUN. De labore Solis. THAT is freaky. And he was born during a near-total eclipse of the Sun over Europe.

The other thing to look at is the 8th House (piece of the pie labled 8). Eighth house is ruled by Scorpio, which sits almost opposite it in the 1st house, the house of self (which also contains his True Node and Part of Fortune: sense of self linked inextricably to his fate/fortune, as well the site of the deepest life lessons).

But dig on this 8th House thing. Mysticism, sure, but also hidden power, and other people's money. (Priests take a vow of poverty, yet he ends up the head of perhaps the richest church ever, built with other people's money?). Split between a solid Taurus head and a wandering Gemini heart? Mercury and Venus in Taurus give the Bull the edge in this tug of war.

Yeah, but Gemini Moon LOVES yakking it up with that Libra rising, yak yak yak yak yak. Oooh, the voices in my head! Should I do this thing or that thing? What does my evil twin have to say about it? Back and forth, abstract city, until Taurus and Virgo step up and say "Hey, let's bring this intellectual BS down to earth pronto!"

Chiron is in Aries. Uh, that would make the idealistic healer-warrior just a tad aggressive ("Be healed or else!" He says to the Soviet Union). Activist always. Make it happen, he says.

But let's talk about his mysticism and artsy side. Pluto hanging out in Cancer. Ok, he's a spiritual dude with a bit of a fixation on issues of life and death, complete transformation (transubstantiation?), the deep secrets of the place beyond death. And if you doubted this, what the heck is MARS doing in the 12th House, the house of deepest secrets and mysteries? (I have Mars there too, and I have no clue what it's doing in the 12th House either. I think it's being kept a secret from me as well) Libra ascendant will balance that out a bit tho.

The Libra rising keeps some of that heavy Scorpio energy nipping up under the horizon from getting too out of control in the first house. He's not so mystical he'd go off to the east and get down with a yogi, attend a seance, or be the Buddha and meditate on the nothing all day. That Taurus Sun demands a practical focal point, and will keep a good rein on watery mysticism, while Scorpio can still work some devious schemes to upset a power player or two.

Uranus in Pisces gives all that water (spirituality) a good jolt of electricity, literally. I bet he was a secret web surfer, btw. Lightning changes in spiritual practices? Using electronic means in service of spirituality? Vatican ring tones for cell phones? Isn't there some phone number you can program into your phone for a direct link to Vatican news?

Incidently, Venus is a VERY happy camper there in the 7th house with Taurus. What is that, exalted, I think? Ruler O Taurus. Yet this is a guy who never got married. True, he may have found love once as a young man, but with WWII and the camps, they could have been permanently torn apart and he never got over it. This is an aspect for a very happy marriage, a wonderful partnership.

For a guy who married the Church. A church that not only venerates Mary, but John Paul has always cited a close spiritual relationship with the mother of Jesus, especially since the assassination attempt, where he said it was an image of the Lady of Fatima on a poster that he turned to look at, that changed the angle of the gunshot and inexplicably allowed him to live (some readers of Nostradamus might argue that he was supposed to die in that attempt, and that Jupiter helped him cheat the fickle finger of fate).

There is also the assumption that the Third Fatima Prophecy contained a warning of something like the assassination attempt. The Fatima Prophecies came to three little children in the early 1900s in a vision of the Virgin Mary.

That sounds like one heck of a successful marriage and deep spiritual relationship to me. Pope John Paul II has been cited, despite all the disparagement of feminists and gays, as the FIRST pope to acknowledge the matriarchial nature of "god."

(Pagans would of course point out that the misogynistic, patriarchial church altered the feminine side of the triune deity to morph the Great Mother into the Holy Spirit, some sort of wafty vapor instead of a fierce goddess, a she-bear for her children. And then there's the bit about the uncanny way all those statues of Mary and baby Jesus resemble Egyptian statues of Isis and Horus. And Isis is directly linked to Venus of classical mythology and the Morning Star)

(However, the Pauline constructions I think feminize the Church as a Bride of Christ and cast Jesus as the Bridegroom, so there's a bit of a gender bend going on all around, methinks!)

Venus in the seventh house indeed!


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Interesting post. In studying John Paul II for 27 years I have learned how he used to pray. Yes, he was a mystic and never told everyone his deepest visions/communications with Christ. It is beyond human explanation how mystics communicate with the divine, but we never know it all. Warmly ~ Dr. Mary

Posted by: Dr. Mary Conley | Aug 28, 2006 4:55:51 AM

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