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October 08, 2004

Watching the town hall debate tonight in Missouri...

I just had a thought pop into my head, and I figured I best write it down before I forgot it.

It is a general principle that the Bush administration follows the philosophy that life is like a shit sandwich: the more bread you got, the less shit you gotta eat, and they are in the business of giving a lot of bread to their rich crony friends.

(I didn't make up that shit sandwich saying, as most people know, it's an old chestnut)

HOWEVER... the thought that did occur to me during the debate was that while most politicians will try to use spin or whatever to put a good face on bad news or blame someone else for it, or to exaggerate and take credit for good news, the Bush administration is only batch of politicians I've ever seen who with a straight face will take a great big shit and have the nerve to pronounce it whipped cream and get mad at you if you don't want to eat it.

I must sit and meditate on this profound insight tonight. Orwellian indeed! Even Orwell would not go as far as these people go.

Now y'all eat your whipped cream there, OK?


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I refer you to the Adolph Reed epigram to Frank Stanford's last book of poetry, _You_:

"You can piss in my face, just don't tell me it's raining"

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Sorry, I just haven't upgraded the software yet to get a handle on it. Thanks for dropping by tho! I have to close the comments these days until I get it fixed.

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