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December 09, 2003

The Dept of Homeland Groping

I sure do hope some political action group is collecting and categorizing stories of Homeland Security abuses. Because when we are all fingerprinted and chipped, it is going to be WAY too late to get some checks and balances in, or recourse for appeal.

For some odd reason, recourse and appeal doesn't seem to exist anywhere in the Bush administration, whether you are talking Gitmo or airport check in or Choicepoint secret datafiles running US elections behind a cloak of secrecy. (Gotta go find the article on that. Coming Soon.)

Australian magazine editor given terrorist treatment. Kevin Roderick of LA Observed summarizes an Aussie journo's humiliating ordeal at the hands of US immigration officials.

"I've had every part of me groped beyond belief...(I was) shocked more than anything, disbelief, total sense of disbelief, humiliated," she told Australia's Channel Nine. Smethurst was detained under a new reading of the law that lets tourists in on a 90-day waiver of the visa rules, but not working journalists.

Apparently, foreign journalists are percieved to be a threat to U.S. interests.

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