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September 17, 2003

Freeway Blogging: Can blogs + Burma Shave = "flogging"?

Nobody Died When Clinton Lied

This website is documenting the fleeting phenomenon (akin to flash mobs?) of grassroots highway signage, particularly signs that say "Nobody Died When Clinton Lied."

Posted on Boing Boing but spotted somewhere in Southern California. The Scarlet Pimpernel

Mark Frauenfelder writes at his blog Boing Boing: The Scarlet Pimpernel sends this example of Los Angeles freewayblogging: It's about 10'X10' and reads "Dear America, Thanks for all the money, sorry about your kids. -- Halliburton Oil" on one side and "Nobody Died when Clinton Lied" on the other." He also post the first usage (that I've seen) of the very appropriate term "freewayblogging". Or perhaps we should shorten this to freeblogging or perhaps just flogging?

But as I link this idea in my mind with the Burma Shave phenomenon of the highways of old, it starts seeming more viable to me.

Big billboards aren't really do-able for ordinary folks, to make it as easy to pull off as, say, a flash mob. BUT!

But what if, if this becomes a "movement," little pink flamingo stick-in-the-ground things could be sold cheap and in mass on web sites that might support "flogging," so that, as one's mind wanders while surfing the Interstates, if a brainstorm hits, a little portable car printer whipping out some display type, and just like that, you set up 3 little Burma Shave signs in a row? 1st rain would wipe them out, or other people, or police.

And there is that $200 littering fine you risk. About the same sort of risk as building graffiti activism tho, right?

Temporal. Ephemeral. Political. Guerrilla activism. What do you think?



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