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September 10, 2006


Martha Koester

I just came across this Judy Grahn funeral poem again, and thought of Susan. Linde Knighton (Simahoyo) and I ate a lovely dinner with her in February 2006 when she was passing through Seattle. I was hoping that might be just the first such dinner, and am sad that this is not to be.

Just one verse--


i will take your part now, to do your daring
lots belong to those who do the sharing.
i will be your fight now, to do your winning
as the bind between women is beginning
in the middle at the end
my first beloved, present friend
if i could die like the next rain
i'd call you by your mountain name
and rain on you

Sheryl Kaplan

I know I'm late here but I just found out about Susan's death this past weekend. I am stunned.

I first met Susan when we both lived in San Jose, California in the early 80's. Our lives continued to intersect over the next ten years as we visited in Los Angeles when she was going to school at UCLA and then in Alaska in 1991, when she invited me to come visit and go camping with her. That trip did not go too well and we had not spoken since, yet she continues to be a part of my herstory. We both grew (up) and changed as our lives evolved and it is interesting to see the impact she had on others through the comments here. I am sorry that she felt so trapped that she thought she could not ask for help somehow. I am saddened to know that her pain persisted, despite her achievements and fulfilling her dreams, and know that we are all better for having known her. We are all connected by her spirit. Peace, Sister -- no more pain.

Sheryl Kaplan

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