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November 03, 2005

Wisconsin Public Radio interview: "'Netted: Life Online"

Link: Netted Index - Wisconsin Public Radio News.

Link: Blogs -- Wisconsin Public Radio News.

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`Netted: Life Online

A 10-Part Feature Series Produced by WPR News

Many people regard the Internet as a new development, along with CD players and microwave ovens. Yet the history of the Internet actually spans back to the 1960s, when it was first conceived as an elaborate communications network for the military. The goal was to relay messages across vast distances, even in the midst of a nuclear attack.

But today, the Internet is best known for e-mail, blogs, websites, chatrooms, and media downloads. Its features have jacked up demand for personal computers, and has proven a virtual goldmine for certain businesses and communication systems.

`Netted: Life Online looks at the cultural and societal influence of the Internet, upon everyday aspects such as shopping, romance, therapy, alternative media, and crime.

Click on any link below to hear the topics covered in this ten-part series. Note that audio will only be available on the listed airdate of each segment:

Feature producers are Brian Bull, Gil Halsted, Sandra Harris, Shawn Johnson, Shamane Mills, Patty Murray, Micah Schweizer, Mike Simonson, and Mary Jo Wagner. Series Producer is Brian Bull.


Surveying the Blogosphere


By Mary Jo Wagner, WPR

If you have an opinion to share with the masses -- you could get on the phone, copy off a stack of leaflets, blast out a barrage of emails....or you could start a weblog on the Internet. Because it’s so easy to do, blogging is one of the fastest growing tools for people to share what they’re up to with anyone who cares to know. The concept has caught on with many in the user community, and blogs are now commonly cited in politics, media, and mainstream society. In today's installment of our series Netted: Life Online, Mary Jo Wagner explores the "blogosphere".

running time 4:44
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Christine Boese spoke with Mary Jo Wagner about the particulars of blogging. She is a journalism professor at the University of Montana, a reporter with the CNN Headline Newsdesk, and an intrepid blogger.

running time 26:00
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