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September 23, 2006


Welcome to my professional portfolio blog!

I've created innovative and award-winning new media products since 1993, and written and edited under deadline in complex long- and short-form multiple media genres. I’ve also taught graduate seminars on visual & written communication, blogging, journalism & technical writing, interaction design, and usability.


  • Proven interaction designer, community manager, web and blog producer, marketer, and author. My serendipit-e.com blog “empire” ranks 42,000 on Technorati.
  • 13 years experience as a New Media researcher, futurist, and published scholar, studying cybercultures, online communities, blogs, and VR. I’m able to visualize complex systems, conduct formal ethnography, and analyze social effects on audiences and markets.
  • On-screen headline and broadcast script writer for CNN Headline News since August, 2001.
  • Award-winning teacher, trainer, workshop leader, and public speaker, applying innovative tools and approaches to computer-assisted learning since 1990.
  • Published and award-winning photographer, journalist, print designer, poet, fiction and literary non-fiction writer.

I’ve spent the last five years watching history unfold from my first career, journalism, with the exciting opportunity to work at a company I’ve long admired: CNN. Now I’m looking forward to full-time challenges back in the technology industry. I’m also eager to relocate for the right opportunity.

Please check out my  online portfolio at www.serendipit-e.com/boeseportfolio, and my personal/professional weblog at www.serendipit-e.com/blog.

Chris Boese

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