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April 04, 2007


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My theory on the wheat? It's mold contamination brought about by the breeding and cross breeding of varieties as well as GM mixtures. I've eliminated most wheat from my diet and I feel so much better for it that it is unreal.

kathryn gessner

Chris, I gotta love that you wrote all this on the pet food scandal. My dog was sick all winter, blamed on salmon (?) -- but she eats only occasional Mighty Dog. She swallowed lots of pills and seems fine now. I wonder ... and then, I immediately wondered about the rest of the gluten, and if people were eating it. Liked your blog. I'm sure we're eating these plastics from China. If this were 1982, the whole country would be outraged by this communist plot to kill us all off. But now, we cannot even cope with such lofty ideas.

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