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March 23, 2007


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Greta Jordan

Wow ! I really can`t belive that this has happened .My very special Angel Keesha of 14 years died Jan,6,2007. I do belive as of this morning that the food did indeed kill her . She was 14 years old put played like a puppy and always happy. I ran out of her reguler food , usualy dry only along with some people food.Keesha was very healthy. Over the various days I witnessed Kesha's heath go from being very good too extremly poor. My dog also suffered similar symptoms as a result to somebody poisoning animals in the neighbourhood. Due to this I was fairly well versed in the symptoms that resalt from rat poisoning. She recovered from that, but the exact same symptomes occured while been fed this tainted food. For this I have came to the conclusion that my dog was seriosly affected due to this poisoned dog food. At the time I concluded that these symptoms could of possinly been associated with my dog's age as well as being over stressed due to a new animal that was being taken care of by me for a brief period of time. But at the time the poisoned food was realeased to the public, the other dog that I thought may of caused the stress was not around my dying dog Kesha, nor was she eating the same food. I have discussed the situation with the company involed in distributing this food(Menu Food's) and I want them to realize I'm not trying to profit from this situation what so ever, I just want other people with older dogs to understand what i didn't at the time being. Keesha my lost angel, we will miss you dearly... R.I.P

Larry Gleaves

On March 8, 2007 we discovered our beloved 3 year old Cat, Sebastian lying dead under our bed. He had hemmoraged a little from his mouth and nose. It seems he died very suddenly because only a day before he was active and not showing any symptoms. My wife and I are devestated. Does anybody out there think it was from the wet food (Purina "Fancy Feast")?

Valerie Cashman

We fed Nutro dried food imported from USA and had 5 cats with symptoms as per Salinomycin Induced Polyneuropathy. So far other owners have contacted me and the count is up to 12 cats. Nutro will not help us. Thousands of dollars spent on vet bills. Nutro took samples of food from us and sent back to USA for testing and customs destroyed the food. Last time customs refused import of Nutro food they labelled it POISONOUS. We are still trying to find out what toxin is in this rotten food. So the problems spread out as far away as Australia.
Nutro doesn't care about pets obviously or they would be doing their darndest to analyse their food and locate the culprit. They are just waiting for their victims to go away.

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