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December 07, 2006


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Murkowski went off the deep end before he became Alaska's gov...Hammond foresaw it but stalled like Colin Powell when he was promoting going into Iraq.

Murkowski as a Senator was classic louisianna boss stuff. He rewarded (and was rewarded) kowtowing with trips and trinkets. He bought the jet to continue the lifestle he had grown accustomed to - daddy owned the bank way back in his coming up days. Every bad deal he made we watched with disbelief, and acceptance that this is the way we had to wotk with our government. Excessive in every method and tack. It wasn't always so big and bad, but yes corruption has always existed since forever. So has prostitution, murder and fraud.

But, to evoke the adage, evil only wins when good does nothing.

Ken Raia

John McCain, by choosing Sarah Palin, is telling the world he is "in bed" with the Oil Companies...like President Bush. We have seen how gasoline has jumped in price while Bush has been in office. Voting for McCain will guarantee gasoline to go to $5 - 46 per gallon.


Dear Reader,I am so happy that we finally have a person who doesn't need a set of balls to prove she is as intellegent and capable of running a government as the "Good Ole' Boy's".From what I can see,she has as good an aim off the field as she has behind a desk,however,while she has proven that she can multi-task,I am most looking forward to the idea that she will work dilegently to brake the strangle-hold of those who go to Washington,not to serve our nation but to broker power;peddle purchased influence;line lobbists pockets with gold while main-lining it into their own veins while instituting a form of nepotism from the annals of Rome itself.Decadence,thy name is "Washington Good Ole Boy's"...whose motto is,"It's not what you know but Who you know and what you can get.From murder to mayhem, our nation has paid for it all...If there is such a thing as justice,let it be done while they still walk this planet because I can't wait until they go to hell,I don't think I'll see em'!Jackie Donelson


You guys are crazy. Maybe if she taught her daughter about birthcontrol instead of teaching her the world is only 6,000 years old she wouldnt be knocked up. Why is it ok for her 16 y/o to be knocked up but its shameful for others? Get a grip you icy nutjobs. She aint gonna win.

Eugene R.Geoble

Advancement through Success, is the ONE THING, that DEFEATS, Communism, Socialism,
and Ultra-Liberal Democrats.

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