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October 15, 2006


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China Law Blog

Great post. I have two daughters. The eldest plays high school basketball and the youngest plays basketball and soccer. I think these sports are excellent for girls because the body image they cultivate is one of being strong and in shape. They teach girls to love their bodies for what their bodies can do for them (i.e., run, jump, kick, etc.) rather than for how they look. Not the complete solution to our society's overemphasis on looks, but a bit of a shelter from the storm.

Stephanie Quilao

Thanks for the cool post Chris. I appreciate it! You make a good point too about how this woman would feel looking at her "fixed" image. If it were me, no doubt the insecure feelings would start to emerge. It's tough not to let this get to you in some degree. What Dove is doing though is great in terms of educating. People don't realize just how much photo retouching is done to the images we see in print. And really, we need to remember there is no realistic way to achieve the look in the magazines because software is making the models look that "pretty."

Chris Boese

Thanks for dropping by, y'all! Stephanie, I'll add your last name to the post above. Sorry I couldn't find it at the time I wrote the post. I'm definitely subscribing to your blog!

I also was a high school basketball and soccer player (and softball, cross country, track...). I can't imagine getting through school without it, and THAT couldn't have happened without Title IX, which is why I signed that petition (where did that link to the petition go? I had it here somewheres... guess it fell off the bottom of my "Intriguing" list).

Funny thing too. As I've written in a previous post on this blog (http://www.serendipit-e.com/blog/2006/08/a_girl_i_know_f.html) a girl I played basketball against in high school JUST BEAT the sitting governor of Alaska in the PRIMARY.

Just let that sink in a second. She's 42 years old (or thereabouts), lives in Alaska and hunts and fishes (I have no idea how she did the 4 kids thing). She was the mayor of one of my hometowns, long after I left.

The sporty side of Starbuck on Battlestar Galactica is another reason I like that character so much, as well.

But I won't forget 1972, the first year they let girls in Little League, because I was the only girl in my town to demand to be allowed in after that ruling. I also remember how we didn't have intra-school sports in junior high, for girls, and we had to pitch a fit to be allowed to have intramural basketball.

How many girls teams have to come in for 5 am practices, because the boys teams have the gym at all the prime hours? And they're thinking of getting rid of Title IX?!

off on my rant...

here's the link: Tell President Bush: Keep Girls Part of the Team: Save Title IX

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