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October 17, 2006


Henry & Charlotte Rosenberger

Welcome to this place of discussion about issues relating to farmland preservation and open space in Hilltown, about responsible local government and about how we can be part of shaping the future and retaining the rural character of Hilltown township.

Our immediate concern is the supervisor's pending response to allow sewer to be brought to White Chimney Farm in RR zoning. They will respond at the next Supervisor's meeting on 9/25.

Lawrence Owen


I sent an email to you the other day about posting some questions to the developers & supervisors. It was an attached word doc.

Thanks for doing so, as I have recently been at the McGrath proceedings and feel that they will try to avoid environmental issues without filing for Federal permits. Please post the attachment, and I will submit some McGrath issues to inform the general public in the near future before the Public Zoning Hearings on Nov. 21, 2006.

Lawrence Owen

Chris Boese

Hi Lawrence,

Tara is temporarily off email right now, but I forwarded this on to my other contact on this site, but he may have trouble putting an attachment up.

Why don't you try sending it to me by this email link here, and I'll see if it can be posted up.

Chris [webmaster/host]

Chris Boese

p.s. to Lawrence,

I tried sending this same note to your email address above, but it bounced. Maybe a typo.

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