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July 24, 2003

Article in College Composition and Communication on my dissertation

CCC Online Archives

Understanding Visual Rhetoric in Digital Writing Environments by Mary E. Hocks of Georgia State University.

author:  Mary E. Hocks
title:   Understanding Visual Rhetoric in Digital Writing Environments
volume:  54.4 date:    June 2003 page(s): 629-656

full text: Click Here for full-text PDF (NCTE Members/Subscribers only)

This essay illustrates key features of visual rhetoric as they operate in two professional academic hypertexts and student work designed for the World Wide Web. By looking at features like audience stance, transparency, and hybridity, writing teachers can teach visual rhetoric as a transformative process of design. Critiquing and producing writing in digital environments offers a welcome return to rhetorical principles and an important pedagogy of writing as design.

The article looks at a hypertextual visual rhetoric essay from Kairos by Anne Frances Wysocki titled Monitoring Order, and my dissertation, The Ballad of the Internet Nutball: Chaining Rhetorical Visions from the Margins of the Margins to the Mainstream in the Xenaverse.

Then it goes on to discuss methods of teaching visual rhetoric in the classroom, using techniques analyzed in our works.

In all, I'm very pleased and flattered to have my work looked at in the article. Wish I could find an electronic version to send to my mom. I was too broke this year to keep up with my NCTE dues. Joined ICA instead.

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